June 22

… When did it arrive? (100 WC)

KABOOM!! A mysterious ship crashed on the surface at 11 : 00pm at night. In the morning I saw smoke in the air, I asked dad what it was, he didn’t know so we went outside to look and it was A UFO.

I was thinking if my dad knew what to do with it, he actually didn’t know. Right now in the backyard an ALIEN popped out of the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO).

For a second I thought the alien took control of my dads brain, but I only had one question stuck in my brain, seriously.

When did it arrive?

June 20

100 Word Challenge

“Wow have a look at that sculpture!” I said.

“Son it’s a gun for gods sake… With a thing twisted around it.” Dad said embarrassingly.

I picked up something that looked like the gun we were looking at. Dad said, “Damn son where’d ya find that!”

Dad tried to make me laugh. “Dad I literally found it on the ground!” I say kind of annoyed.

“Sorry son, I tried to make you laugh but I failed.”

I saw a thing on the stick that looked like a trigger. I tried to press it and BOOM!!! The gun shot and a BOONANA APPEARED.

May 30

100WC Week#33 (18)

Wow! What is that spiky thing? I call my mum to come over here and see what it is. “I don’t know what that spiky thing is.

I have an idea what I think it is. I think it iiiiss…… DRAGON FRUIT!!

“No honey I don’t think it is dragon fruit, I think it is A SPIKY THING THATS GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!”

“Mum stop being a doofus, it can’t take over the WORLD. What else do we think it could be…

“Son I think  know what it could be!” ” IT WILL BE A THING THAT WOULD TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!”