May 30

100WC Week#33 (18)

Wow! What is that spiky thing? I call my mum to come over here and see what it is. “I don’t know what that spiky thing is.

I have an idea what I think it is. I think it iiiiss…… DRAGON FRUIT!!

“No honey I don’t think it is dragon fruit, I think it is A SPIKY THING THATS GOING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!”

“Mum stop being a doofus, it can’t take over the WORLD. What else do we think it could be…

“Son I think  know what it could be!” ” IT WILL BE A THING THAT WOULD TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!”


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1 thoughts on “100WC Week#33 (18)

  1. thanishq2018

    Adrian, I liked your 100-word challenge the story mountain and how it worked but you did not have that much narration in it, but other than that it is really good.


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