May 11

It’s cruel to keep animals in cages.

I think it’s definetly cruel to keep animals in cages because animals need to live in their own environment, like the forest.

Animals can’t stay in cages all day sleeping. They need more space to play around and have fun. I think it’s cruel because the person who it might’ve taken it away from its family.

E.g: I saw an animal get taken from its own family, and it looked sad. People shouldn’t keep animals in cages because it’s exactly like locking humans in cages, and you’d know how that would feel it you were them, and that’s how the animal would feel.


They always need space because in that space they need fun, sleep and food. And if they got taken away from its family it’d be sad because it would need its family to live life. Space for them is in the forest, that’s were most animals live. E.g I’ve went to the forest and what I mostly saw were animals. And they seemed pretty happy over there, in the forest. And I don’t think they would like it if they got taken from the forest.


All I think that it’s okay to keep birds in cages because I think they have fun inside it.

This is why I think it isn’t okay to keep animals in cages because…..


They need their space in the environment for example in the forest. They need their family. (if they have one)

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